I got great response for my blogpost about Powerful variable editing with Sublime and inQlik toolsfrom earlier this week. I tought I should complement it with a simple but useful tool for extracting qvw expressions into InQlik YAML-like syntax.

It can be useful when you want to start working with external variables on applications that you already have developed with normal expressions.

The expression extraction tool

The tool is an qvw that read out and format your expressions into the syntax used by the InQlik Tool for Sublime. Screenshot of the Export variable to InQlik Tool syntax application I extract the expressions using the following script:

'vL.Expression_' & AutoNumberHash256(Definition,Label,Comment) as Expression,
(XmlSimple, Table is [DocumentSummary/Expression]);

Feel free to download and use this tool. Please drop me a comment if you find it handy. Download the application: the expression extract tool